A Little Pep Talk from Me to You.

Have you ever been completely obsessed with an idea? The kind of idea that might sound totally crazy, but somewhere deep down inside it just feels so natural and lovely. Such an idea might totally and completely change your life, and more importantly who you are deep down inside. But when this crazy, radical idea pops into your head, does it leave a guide map on how to achieve the dream? Because mine sure didn’t.

In fact, it left me with questions. Lots of questions. Hardly any answers. A few worries mixed into the bunch.

A few weeks ago, I came across a website that was a pep talk generator. I have no clue where I found the site, nor do I remember what the name was, but I saved that pep talk. It was a good pep talk, and now I share it with you:

“You are amazing. You are an incredible human being capable of true greatness. Wake up each day and believe in that greatness. Know that you are the best person to make decisions about your life, your body, and your happiness. Embrace your emotions, but don’t let them control you. Document you life. This amazing person sitting here in front of me has so many incredible stories to tell and sharing those stories makes the world a better place for all of us. Find a way to tell your stories – through art, words, crafts, selfies, whatever speaks to your soul. You are amazing.”

Go out and do whatever make your heart happy. You’ll find your way, when the time is right.


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