Happy New Year 2023

Good morning and Happy New Year!

As I write, my very first British Christmas tree is slowly being taken apart. We had a lovely time celebrating together in our new apartment and with family near London. The two week holiday from school was much needed and I’m counting down my remaining hours of relaxation before the new term.

Around this time every year, I always begin searching for inspiration for how to plan a year’s worth of goals and wishes. I’m sure it is a common feeling, but I do wonder why I don’t feel so goal driven any other time of the year. There is a lot of pressure to present your ‘resolutions’ and I never feel content with what I choose. I don’t want to do that this year; I don’t want to force myself to pick a focus for the next 12 months right now.

So, instead, I think I’ll just list a few things I feel currently inspired and excited about.

  • Continuing to read novels in my free time
  • Learning how to knit and working on a project
  • Getting back into creative writing, including novel writing, poetry and screenwriting
  • Using our National Trust Memberships and visiting lots of lovely places in the UK

I’m feeling really inspired to re-read all of Jane Austen’s novels this spring, alongside long walks in local parks, picnics with all sorts of goodies, and brightly coloured trinkets.

I’d love to explore London more in a few weekend trips – romanticizing museum trips, lunch in Chinatown, high teas, open air markets, and meandering through lush parks.

Summer days driving to the coast, frequenting the beach, collecting pebbles and dipping toes in the sea, ice cream dripping down our hands, and alfresco lunches on cafe terraces.

Leaving work in the sunshine, cooking delicious dinners with a glass of wine, windows open with a warm breeze rushing through, planting tiny plants in our little patch out front and watching them grow.

Clearly I’ve got spring and summer on the mind now that the clock has ticked over to the New Year.

I do want to lean into the last few months of winter, too. Enjoy the darkness and slow-pace while I can. I’m thinking – warm stews in the slow-cooker, cups of tea and vanilla latte, using seasonal winter veg to brighten our plates, bundled up walks in the fresh evening air, and knitting with a crackling fireplace playing on the computer.

I feel really inspired and excited for 2023 now that I’ve let all of this flow out of my mind. Here’s to new adventures, new opportunities and new experiences! May 2023 bring us all this and more.

What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

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