Serendipitous Bakery


Top Recommendations – Raspberry Danish, Sourdough Toastie

Before I even moved to the UK, I found Serendipitous Bakery on Instagram.

It’s a newly-opened sourdough bakery just off the high street in Chichester. I was really keen to visit because buying fresh pastries feels very European to me.

The bakery offers a plethora of rotating options, including loaves, danishes, croissants, cinnamon rolls, cakes, sandwiches, pizza, etc. I always check their Instagram page before heading up to the shop as they post videos of their pastry case and any daily specials.

I haven’t tried their loaves yet, but I can confirm that the danishes and sandwiches are amazing. I keep meaning to try new bakeries in town, but I always end up going back to Serendipitous. My favorite purchase to date has been the raspberry danish. I don’t know if it is a British thing, but the raspberries over here are 10x better than in America.

I stopped in for lunch one afternoon and decided to get a toastie. For those of you unfamiliar with the culinary delicacy that is a cheese toastie, please let me inform you. It’s basically a grilled cheese but on such a higher level. The best ones literally ooze cheese and you can find lots of different combinations. Ham and cheese toasties are great. A good old plain cheese toastie always hits the spot. The one I had from Serendipitous felt very posh as it was vegetarian and included pickled red onions, spinach and tomatoes.

Would I recommend Serendipitous Bakery? Absolutely. Part of me wants to refrain from shouting its praise so that I can keep it to myself. However, good things must be shared, so if you are keen on trying amazing sourdough pastries and bread check out Serendipitous Bakery.


Serendipitous Bakery – 150a St Pancras, Chichester, PO19 7SH

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