Birthday Cake, Gardening, and Yoga | Weekend Game Plan

Happy Friday loves! I’m so excited it’s the end of the week. To say it’s been long and difficult would be an understatement. However, I’m charging up my positive spirit by making my weekend game plan. Not only will this help organize my thoughts, but hopefully it will keep procrastination at bay and allow me to accomplish the things I want to do. I am the worst when it comes to getting things done. I will make all these plans and then lounge around all day. Perhaps posting this will keep me accountable, too.

So, here we go!


I’m currently writing this from school at 9am and I’m thinking about what’s for dinner already! I tried my very best to eat healthy this week, so I think tonight is going to be pizza night. I’m still undecided whether to try the new pizza place in town that has cauliflower crust or if I should go with the usual and go to Pizza Joe’s. I did see on their sign that Pizza Joe’s has two new pizzas, a chicken alfredo one and a hot garlic chicken, so that may sway my opinion. Can you tell I’m indecisive? Anyways, I’ll pick that up on my way home from school.

Once I get home, I need to bake a cake tonight for my best friend Julie! Her birthday was this past week, so I wanted to make something special for her since she’s gluten and dairy free. I looked through a ton of recipes and I decided to try Downshiftology’s paleo chocolate cake and vegan chocolate buttercream frosting. I forgot how expensive all the different flours and special ingredients could be. Here’s hoping it’s a delicious cake!

To finish the night, I’ll video chat with Liam and take a nice relaxing bubble bath. I’ll also make my meal plan for next week and a grocery list. I’ve got a little bit of Rosé and Chardonnay left in the fridge, so I might enjoy a glass of wine, too.


I think first thing in the morning I’ll wake up slow and have some coffee and maybe read for a little. I’m always up so early that it might be nice to just relax this morning. It’s supposed to be a bit chilly all day, but I’m hoping to get some gardening done. Also, while I’m outside gardening I’ll wash my bedsheets and blankets.

I’ll break up my gardening midday by delivering the (hopefully) amazing chocolate cake I baked last night. I’ll also stop at the gardening store for some supplies, if needed.

For the morning chunk of gardening work, I’d like to clean out the old leaves and sticks from the garden beds and pull weeds. I’ll also till the vegetable garden box so it’s ready in a few weeks to plant. I also need to brainstorm some ideas for protecting my rose bushes. Last year the deer ate almost all my buds before they could bloom, and I need to figure out how to not let that happen. I should also take inventory of all the things I have in the shed and make a shopping list for the gardening store. If time allows, I might also clean out my car, so that when I’m out and about in the afternoon I can go to the car wash. 

For the afternoon chunk of gardening work, I’ll finish up anything from the morning I haven’t accomplished. I think it’s too early to actually plant any of my flowers or plants, because I’m afraid it might be too cold overnight still. So, I’ll probably set up a station in the garage to keep them warm at night. I’ll also make a plan/drawing of where everything will be planted in the beds, so I can make sure I have everything and enough space. That’ll probably get me to about dinner time and I’ll pack everything up. 

For dinner, I really want something simple, yet delicious. I’ve been craving pasta, so maybe a lasagna and garlic bread. 

After a day full of working, I think a movie night would be perfect. I’ll choose either a Disney movie from my list I’m working through, a new Netflix film, or maybe something off of Liam and I’s shared list to be watched.


I’m excited for Sunday because I will be going to my very first yoga class! Grace and I decided to try the Sunday Morning Slow Flow at 10am. I drive past Yoga on Main every day, and I’ve always wanted to try a class. Is it bad that I’m stressing about what to wear? I’ll probably spend more time picking out that outfit than I do for work most days.

After our class, I think we are going to go out for brunch, probably at Cannella Cafe right on main street. They posted on Facebook that they have a new honey, vanilla, lavender latte, so I really want to check that out. I’ll probably spend the afternoon with Grace, because even when we don’t plan to, we end up talking for hours.

When I get home, I think I’d like to do some laundry and maybe prep food for my lunches next week. I don’t like to plan too much for Sunday evenings because if I do I’ll get stressed out and it’ll mess up the beginning of my week.

Phew! What a weekend! Sounds like a lot, but I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to accomplish it all. This is just a game plan, and I need to leave myself open to the possibility of change. I never want to be stressed during the weekend. This is my time to relax and do the things I want to do.

I hope you have a great weekend too! See you next week!

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