City Guide: Kane, PA

Alright, time for a little hometown pride.

I’ve lived in Kane my entire life. In elementary school, my friends and I used to complain so much about living here. Which is fair game, considering there are like 5 things a kid can do on a day to day basis.

But that’s only if you spend every waking second in this town. Now that I have my own car, and can travel a bit, there are so many cool things that you can do in this town and the surrounding area.

It’s probably a long shot that anyone will ever go out of there way to visit my small little town, but if it happens to be on your way, spend a few hours, a night, or even a few days exploring this little gem in the forest.

Okay, so now onto the guide:

Kane, PA

Kane, PA Map

We are about 3 hours northeast of Pittsburgh, 2 hours southeast of Erie, and 45 minutes south of the Bradford Airport in Bradford, PA.

Summers are warm and the winters are cold. We’re not nicknamed the “Icebox of PA” for nothing. A few winters ago it dropped down to -40! Remember: Always pack your swimsuit and sunscreen, but also your long pants and jackets!

Best Amenities of Kane and the Surrounding Area:

1.) The Allegheny National Forest

The Allegheny National Forest is full of climbable rocks, beautiful hardwoods, and scenic views of the Reservoir. The most popular way of viewing is by hiking the North Country Trail. Trail heads are located north of Kane along Rt. 321 North, and west of Kane along Route 6. The best place to start is at the Longhouse Trail Head (Rt. 321).

Directions to the Longhouse Trail Head: Head north on Rt. 321 out of Kane (you’ll know you’re going the right way if you pass Glenwood Baseball Field), continue about 15-20 minutes (you’ll pass Bob’s Trading Post), until you see a sign for Longhouse Scenic Drive. Right before the drive there will be a parking lot to your right for the trail head. If you go over a bridge, you’ve went too far.

If you want to go to Kiasutha Beach and Campground turn left onto Longhouse Scenic Drive and continue for about 5-10 minutes. The Campground and Beach will be to your right. There is a $5 entrance fee for parking. If your looking for a boat launch, pass Kiasutha and continue to Elijah Run Boat Launch. Dew Drop Campground is also just a 10 minute drive from Elijah.

So, you’ve driven down Longhouse Scenic Drive, now what? At the intersection, at the end of the drive, you can either turn left and go to Warren, PA (which has plenty of restaurants and shopping), or turn right and go by Wolf Run Marina and Rimrock Scenic Overlook. Wolf Run Marina has boat, kayak, and canoe rentals, and has an onsite restaurant named Docksiders.

Jake’s Rocks and Rimrock are scenic overlooks that provide breathtaking view of the Reservoir (especially in the fall!) and fun for the whole family. These overlooks are nestled into the forest and the rocks are super fun to climb. (Be sure to check out the rock stairwell at Rimrock!) The overlooks have picnic tables and plenty of parking, but no cell service! They are also fairly close to Kinzua Beach.

Rimrock Address for GPS:  Forest Rd 454, Bradford, PA 

Jake’s Rocks Address for GPS: Forest Road 492, Warren, PA

2.) Good Food

I’m not gonna lie, we have some pretty damn good food here in Kane, PA. Our top restaurants are Texas Hots, Peking Wok, Pepe’s Pizzeria, Nonny’s Kitchen and Roma Gardens.

Texas Hots: If you’re looking for good Greek food, this is the place to be. Their chicken gyros are awesome. If you stop by, make sure your try a Texas Hot. It’s a hot dog with their secret sauce, onions, and mustard. I can’t rave enough about these hot dogs. The buns are steamed, so they’re nice and chewy, and the hot dogs themselves are the best I’ve ever had! Also, great breakfast selection. One of the only places in town to get breakfast!

Texas Hots Menu

Peking Wok: This is Chinese food at it’s finest. Ask any native of Kane where the best Chinese is, and they’ll tell you Peking Wok. Sit down, or takeout, either way this food is delicious. My favorites are Chicken and Broccoli with white rice, Orange Chicken, and General Tso’s Chicken.

Peking Wok Menu

Pepe’s: If you’re looking for pizza and wings, Pepe’s has you covered. Their wings are pretty good, salads and fresh bread are awesome, and their pizza is good, but if I am completely honest a bit pricey. If you do go there try the Honey Mustard Wings (to die for!)

Roma Garden’s: I used to go a lot when I was in school, but it’s a little too greasy for my liking. On the plus side, they deliver!. If you do stop by, I recommend the Chicken Parmesan Sub with Curly Fries!

Roma Garden’s Menu

3.) Old Town Charm

Kane is pretty old! We just had our 150th celebration in 2014. Here’s a quick history lesson:

Kane was named for the Civil War leader of Pennsylvania’s Bucktail Regiment, Thomas L. Kane. General Kane founded the town in the early 1860s, and originally called the area “Clarion Summit,” then it became “Kane Summit” and finally “Kane.” General Kane fought at the Battle of Gettysburg, and is revered by the Mormons for single-handedly helping avert an all-out war between the Mormons and the U.S. government in the late 1800s. A county in Utah is named for him, and a full-size statue of Kane occupies a central position in the rotunda of the Utah State Capital building in Salt Lake City. Although not a Mormon himself, General Kane was repulsed by the persecution of the Mormons and fought for their human rights.

If you want to know more about the History of Kane go to (click on “History of Kane” to go there)

Kane Depot Museum: This cute little train station museum is at the heart of town, right by the stoplight. This museum is run by the Historical Society of Kane, and features lot of artifacts from Kane and the surrounding areas. Check it out if you want to learn about Kane’s history.

Kane Family Drive In: I love coming out to the Drive-In and watching a movie! It’s $7 a person, and I believe children are a little less. They have a concession stand, bathrooms, and a mini-golf course. Pack up the car with goodies, and enjoy the night under the stars watching a newly released movie!

Evergreen Park: Evergreen Park is right off of Main Street and offers a playground, tennis and basketball courts, a small baseball field, pavilions, and a Frisbee golf course! All free of charge, of course! Pack a picnic and spend the day at the park!

Kinzua Viaduct: A state park that is located in Mt. Jewett, PA (20 minutes from Kane). This bridge was knocked down by a tornado, and converted into a visitor center. It’s really neat to stand on the remaining part of the bridge and see all the twisted metal of the collapsed part. It’s funny, when I was just a little kid, I remember walking the whole way across the bridge, now half of it’s gone. To learn more about the Kinzua Viaduct visit my post “Kinzua Bridge State Park”.



We have 2 hotels, and one bed and breakfast in Kane.

Kane View Motel

Kane Motel

Kane Manor Inn


Only passing through Kane? 

If you’re on your way to Warren or Bradford, take Rt. 321 North and Longhouse Scenic Drive. They’ll still get you to where you want to go, but offer a lot of great views and places to stop, such as: Kiasutha Beach, Kinzua Beach, Rimrock Scenic Overlook, Jake’s Rocks, Bob’s Trading Post, and Wolf Run Marina.

Spending a day in Kane?

Spend the day exploring the Allegheny National Forest. Like I said above, there is lots to do. Unwind by eating at one of our local restaurants, and strolling through our Evergreen Park.

Spending a few days in Kane?

Spend a day or two in the Allegheny National Forest, either on the beach or hiking the trails. Don’t forget to explore downtown Kane, and the Evergreen Park. If you plan on spending more than one night in Kane, I definitely recommend going to the Drive-In!

If you have any questions about Kane or the surrounding areas feel free to comment, or message my Facebook page!

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