Two Very Opposite Life Visions

There is a part of me that wants the stability: the stability of a nice home, money in the bank, and food on the table. But then, there is this other part of me: the part that wants to go on wild adventures, see amazing places, and live a very free lifestyle. They are very opposite, I know, and I struggle with which to choose everyday.

The stable part of me can imagine a very quaint cottage, in either New England or maybe out west near Montana, where I would spend my days gardening, baking, and exploring the places around me. The cottage would be a small one, 1 or 2 bedrooms, with a big kitchen and fireplace. The backyard would be a haven, where I’d grow veggies, plant flowers, and have a small fruit orchard. Mocha would be able to live out the rest of her life comfortably, alongside a brother or sister dog, some goats, maybe chickens, and some cats. Depending on the cost of living, I wouldn’t mind getting a part time job. Maybe at a local shop, or I could sell fresh baked goods out of my home.

Then the adventurous part of me can imagine living out of a backpack, while I hop around Europe. I’d explore the major cities, like: Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Prague, and Oslo. I’d explore the jungles of South America, the markets of Morocco, the beaches of the Caribbean Islands, and the National Parks of the U.S.

Both sound so amazing, but I know I wouldn’t be happy with one, if I didn’t have the other.

Yes, I do want a home that I can decorate for the holidays, but I also dream of seeing every country in the world.

I want to be carefree and go wherever the wind takes me, but I vowed I’d take care of Mocha her ENTIRE life, because she may just be a fraction of mine, but to her, I’m her entire life.

I want to have kids someday and teach them to be compassionate and love nature, but I also know that children come with great responsibility and great sacrifice.

I guess the real question is, what can I do so that both of these dreams can come true.

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