Buzzard Swamps

Alright, announcement time. I’ve been putting this off for awhile, but here goes nothing.

  1. I started college.
  2. I quit college.
  3. I thought I had my life figured out.
  4. Now I feel lost again.
  5. I  moved about 2 hours from my hometown.
  6. I’m ready to take this blogging thing to the next level.

It’s been over a week since I left college, and I don’t regret a thing. I think I’m finally ready to take my chances with blogging and try to make it my life. I took a part-time cheerleading coach job nearby, and I’m applying for another, so I can save a little moolah, but I want to focus my energies on this blog.

To me, this blog isn’t just a hobby. Like there was a reason I named it after myself. I want it to be a virtual and creative representation of me. So I’m hoping in the next year I will get the ball rolling on things around here, wish me luck!

Okay, now on to the main post!

So, after coming home from college, I decided to take a little hike with my dad, just to de-stress a little. I was fairly sure I knew all the local hiking spots, but of course my dad proved me wrong! We drove out to a wildlife propagation area, mainly for birds, and took a short hike.

I think there was a reason I didn’t know about this place. I got lost twice trying to find it. It’s in a small town in Western PA called Marienville, about 30 minutes from Kane. Anyways, when I did find the spot, I looked at the map, and this place was huge. If you hiked the entire route, you’d be walking about 20 miles! Holy Cow!

We decided to take the first path we stumbled upon, and it ended up being about 2 miles. It was scenic, but boy were the bugs out for blood! I swear I got 10 bug bites.

Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for….PHOTOS!!!!

11202104_128225254190359_1933987223646170058_n 11202661_128225194190365_1038666346618054634_n 11227502_128225290857022_8544862382283920311_n 11781705_128225287523689_4707364459647781731_n 11891077_128225144190370_7669177997404073577_n 11896109_128225400857011_6723215267390726148_n 11896142_128225340857017_1795774376335368242_n 11899874_128225324190352_1591134496033050640_n 11902445_128225217523696_5935506062533918705_n 11903811_128225370857014_187847175964412912_n 11924942_128225170857034_6407211910243510833_n

Love you guys!

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