Gaby et Jules: A Little Bit of Paris in Downtown Pittsburgh

Originally published on February 19, 2019 in The Downtowner newsletter. 

In 2013, owners Lori Rongier, Frédéric Rongier and David Piquard decided that Pittsburgh needed a dedicated business to sell macarons, so they founded Gaby et Jules, a French patisserie located inside Market Street Grocery at 435 Market Street. The group has since dedicated themselves to creating the best macarons in Pittsburgh.

Gaby et Jules offers many different confections, but, as mentioned above, they are best known for their macarons. They offer 18 different flavors and also incorporate a flavor of the month. The patisserie also offers nationwide shipping, and Frédéric Rongier explains that “with our new website it’s even better because you can choose whatever you’d like to buy and have it at your door or you can order it to pick up at the store.”

“Downtown Pittsburgh has changed tremendously from the time when I first came here in 1999. With that in mind, we love having our patisserie located here. It’s practical for our clients who live and work in the Downtown area that may not necessarily want to travel outside of the area or go online to buy” explained Rongier. Rongier also shared that one of the reasons he chose to locate his business in Pittsburgh is because the people were so welcoming and friendly that he “fell in love with the city.”

Corporate gifts and events are one of Gaby et Jules many customer services. With their branded confections, there is so much that they can do for businesses in the area. “Just think of what a beautiful gift or thank you one of our branded confections would be for a client. We’ve had clients say they will be with us forever because it is a gift they will always remember” explained Rongier.

Gaby et Jules is an asset to our Downtown community, and we are proud to have a little piece of Paris right around the corner. “Pittsburgh is so good to us that we are thinking about opening another Gaby et Jules somewhere in the area” shared Rongier. The endeavor is still in the works, but Rongier gave Downtown CDC the inside scoop.


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