“The Pursuit of Happiness”

I’ve been working full-time lately and as much as I love the $$$ rolling in, I still feel a little lost sometimes.

I keep envisioning how my life will look in the future, and what I’ll do when I have that freedom, but maybe I’m missing the point of life.

Supposedly life is about “The Pursuit of Happiness”, but if I’m always pursuing my happiness, will I ever attain it? I’ve been pondering this idea for a bit, and I think I’ve found a solution:

Maybe, life is NOT about “The Pursuit of Happiness”, but instead  “Being Happy during the Pursuit”.

*Just a little side note… about 2 weeks after I started this post, I randomly bought a personal development book titled “The Happiness of Pursuit”. Life is weird.*

In life, we will always be yearning for the next best thing: that new promotion, traveling the world, or being independent and free. It’s an inevitable paradox: when we attain one happiness, another manifests in our heart.

So instead of being miserable for the next few years while I figure things out, maybe I just need to keep positive and remember how happy I am right now. Live in the moment. Start LIVING the life I want, instead of yearning so much for it.

If you start out small, and build on to who you are, someday soon you’ll realize that you’ve become who you’d always dreamed of.

Although, I am and probably always will be a planner. I like to plan out my life, sometimes so much that I stress out about it. I love envisioning how things will someday look, but then I never actually take strides to achieve that plan. Being a planner sucks.

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