Blood Farm Interpretive Trail

When I first heard the name ‘Blood Farm’, I instantly thought someone was murdered there. Maybe it’s my sick mind, or maybe it’s because Halloween is almost upon us. Either way, no one was murdered at Blood Farm. Just figured I should address that first!


I wanted needed to go out and explore yesterday. I was itching to get out of the house and photograph anything and everything! I decided I’d make a detour and stop at Oil Creek State Park, near Titusville, PA. I had planned to stop at several different locations within the park and go on a few interpretive hikes, but after visiting Blood Farm, I got seriously lost. After an hour of randomly driving around, I decided to just head out of the park.


Although the trip wasn’t in vain, because the Blood Farm interpretive trail was pretty awesome. The hike is about 3/4 of a mile, and the information displays are actually pretty interesting. Has anyone else ever been bored to death while reading one of those? I know I have.


I really enjoyed seeing the Blood’s original home from a distance, and being able to actually picture what life was like back in the old’en days.


I guess I should give you guys a bit of background info, so you’re not clueless!

The Blood family was one of the first families to strike oil in the area, and they produced more oil than all of the other farms in 1861. During the hike, you learn about the Blood family, their workers, how oil drilling worked back then, and the devastating effects it had on nature.


I really enjoyed the hike, and the fact that there were benches along the trail, so that you could stop and take in the enormous beauty of the area. I had a few friends (2 deer) enjoying the trail with me, and they were so funny to watch. The trail also leads you right up to Oil Creek itself!


I really hope I can get back to Oil Creek State Park again next summer, and explore everything the park has to offer! Wouldn’t it be sick to kayak down Oil Creek, right through the park? #itsonthelist



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