Moving In/Meeting My Roommate/Yellowstone Impressions

I made it! I’m all snuggled into my dorm, with my new fluffy bison I bought:)

In other news, I woke up this morning and caught a bus to Gardiner, Montana. There I registered and received my ID and uniform. OMG guys… my uniform is horrendous! It’s seriously the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! Gingham pants, a white shirt, and a chef hat! Hahaha!

So after that, we traveled another 2 hours down the Yellowstone Lake, and the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. I got my key to my room and started to unpack.

The rooms are super big, the beds are comfy, and my roommate is awesome! Her name is Leah, and I think we are gonna have a lot of fun this summer!

When I unpacked, we walked down to dinner. Nothing really great about that. Hopefully it gets better; then we went to the general store, and that’s where I bought a BUFFALO!!! It’s so cute. You know, since I can’t actually pet one. But, I need name suggestions! He’s gonna be the coolest buffalo on the block:)

So now I’m chilling in my room, and I’m gonna go to bed in the next few hours. I have orientation tomorrow at 8:15 AM, in the Goldeneye Lodge. Oh, I’m staying in the Osprey Lodge as well….

…Well I just got back from a 3 hour orientation. I have a 3 hour break and then I am starting work. Like I’m so scared right now. We have to work a whole dinner shift, which is like 8 hours…. I’m gonna die! Also, my uniform is super ugly and it doesn’t fit me right. That makes me 10X more nervous. Ugh… hopefully everything goes okay.

Just kidding the dinner shift was 10 hours. I washed dishes for 10 hours without a break or dinner. I can’t handle it. I thought I could, but It’s too much. I mean, I don’t even like hiking, or camping. It feels like a mistake that I came.

The only thing that matters is that I tried. I gave it a shot, but it just didn’t work. I really enjoyed the traveling part, but not the work part. But, now I have a clean slate and can try something else that I enjoy doing.

Life is a trial and error game. When you fail, you pick yourself back up and try something else until that is a success.

Goodbye Montana, you were beautiful. Hello, Pennsylvania, I’ll be back soon.


One thought on “Moving In/Meeting My Roommate/Yellowstone Impressions

  1. My sister worked outside Gardiner a few summers ago! It’s so beautiful there! Hopefully you at least got to soak up some of the beauty of Yellowstone before you leave.


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