An Adventure in the Allegheny National Forest

I could tell Mocha was getting restless. I’d been out exploring a lot and even though I wish we could be together 24/7, sometimes she has to stay home. I wanted to let her get outside and run a bit, so I decided to take her on a day trip down to the Allegheny Reservoir.

Allegheny Reservoir 1

We first stopped at Elijah Boat Launch. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and a bit rainy and chilly, so I knew that we’d have the place to ourselves. Mocha was thrilled that I let her run off the leash for a short time. She’s the fastest dog I’ve ever seen. After she let off some energy, we sat on the bank and watched the small waves come in for a bit. Nature has a way of rejuvenating the soul when you least expect it.

Allegheny Reservoir 3

After Elijah, I took Mocha up to Jake’s Rocks Overlooks. There are 2 overlooks on the designated loop, but a little secret from one adventurer to another, the best overlook is on a trail that starts in the picnic area! I always take Mocha on this lesser known trail because there is so much more space to wander. It’s also fun to climb the rocks when you have a friend with you! The overlook that we hiked to takes about 5 minutes to get to. We passed massive boulders covered with bright green moss, and Mocha even made a new Dalmatian friend!

Allegheny Reservoir 8

Also, Mocha paraded around in her new Kurgo backpack! Doesn’t she look adorable!

As I approached the overlook, I could see 4 vultures shrouding the gorgeous view of the Allegheny River. Once I startled them, they flew into the distance, creating a magical moment with the hazy view. It had just started to rain and the fog was slowly settling to the surface of the lake. I frantically tried to capture as many photos as I could, but found the process to be complicated while trying to hold an umbrella, Mocha’s leash and a large Canon Rebel. Some pictures were blurry and others were crooked, but I snapped a few good ones in the process. Mocha even posed for a few shots.

Allegheny Reservoir 4We hiked our way back to the car, and as soon as I closed my door the rain started pouring. It’s funny how unpredictable the weather can sometimes be. I didn’t really feel like hiking through the rain anymore, so I headed over to the Kinzua Point Information Center to take some more picture of the Reservoir.

Allegheny Reservoir 11

Allegheny Reservoir 10

I also made a quick pit stop at the Kinzua Dam, because the view looked spectacular.

Allegheny Reservoir 12

Mocha was thoroughly wore out from the day, and I spent the evening editing photos while she slept at my feet. Moments like these are the ones that I’ll never forget. I’d say it was a day well spent.




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