Summer 2015 Travel Plans

So guys…BIG NEWS! My original plans were to work all summer and fall to save up, but… I’ll be working at *drum roll please* YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL FREAKING PARK!?! Like what the what. I am so so so so so excited, literally bouncing off the walls! A little background story to how I got the job: My current boss told me about her granddaughter attempting to work out at Yosemite National Park around 5 years ago (BTW she chickened out), so after work about a month ago I just googled searched “working at national park, summer” and here we are today! Here are the specs:

1.) I am working for a company called Xanterra, which also coordinated seasonal help for a variety of other National Parks (future job possibilities?)

2.) I start working June 9, and finish October 6.

3.) I will live in employee housing and receive an employee dining meal plan for $400 a month.

4.) I will make $8.40 an hour and am guaranteed 32 hours a week.

5.) Employees can tour the park with groups for a discounted price and there is an free education program for employees to learn the history(and stuff) of the park. Also if you complete the education program you get a free pin to wear. WHO DOESN’T LIKE FREE PINS!?!?

The least you could say is that I am excited. Plane tickets bought. Hotel room reserved. The only thing I’m really stressed about is what to pack. Oh my god how am I going to fit 4 months of life into one suitcase. How do people live out of backpacks?!

I’m pretty excited to be able to share this experience with you bootiful internet people. I plan on writing reviews and updating you all. I would also like to vlog (video blog) and share that to Youtube. Maybe even make potential itineraries? IDK, too much for my little head to think about at one time?!

If you all have something you’d like to see me write about, or vlog about let me know in the comments… I’ll def read them…since you’d probs be the only one…just please, for the life of me, let me know someone actually cares.

Well to end on a slightly less desperate note, I’ll be leaving in a month, so get ready for a packing list!

I should really start my packing list….

2 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Travel Plans

  1. You’re going to have such a great time! One of my goals is to work at Yellowstone! I’m looking forward to reading about your great adventure. Pack lots of winter clothes; even in the summer it will get below freezing.


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