Seasonal Menu

Full of autumn delight, our Fall 2020 seasonal menu is officially open for orders!

Harvest Carrot Cake – $25.00

The crown jewel of our fall seasonal menu, this 9″ carrot cake holds a special place in our hearts. We took two layers of our moist spice cake, topped it with decadent homemade cream cheese frosting, and finished the whole thing with toasted walnuts. Talk about mouthwatering. (Available without walnuts, upon request.)

Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies – $12.00

Not just another fad, these pumpkin spiced chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate combination. It starts with a soft and chewy cookie base, add in a hint of pumpkin, and sprinkle a mixture of fall spices on top. One order contains twelve delicious cookies, but they’re so good you might need more.

Classic Pumpkin Pie – $15.00

Rich, homemade pie dough is the perfect base for our rendition of the classic pumpkin pie. Baked until just set, the filling is silky smooth and just the right amount of sweet. Pair with whipped cream and you have the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert.

Pumpkin Roll – $18.00

In our family, no fall is complete without a pumpkin roll to enjoy. We bake a light and airy pumpkin cake, roll it up with homemade cream cheese filling, and top it with a dusting of powdered sugar. Simple, sweet, and perfect for dessert…or breakfast (we won’t tell!).

Ready to get some of these amazing fall treats?