Tournées Film Festival

Originally published on January 25, 2019 in The Holcad Student Newspaper.

Throughout the coming semester, the Department of Modern Languages will present six French language films in their seventh Tournées Film Festival. These events are in conjunction with the Jake Erhardt International Film Series. The festival will include one classic and five contemporary films that will be screened in Mueller Theater on consecutive Tuesdays at 7 p.m., beginning January 29. The films will be in French, but there will be subtitles in English.

The films are free, open to the public, and will include both an introduction and closing discussion by a Westminster College faculty member or student.

The first film screening on January 29 is “L’atelier” (The Workshop). Directed by Laurent Cantet, “L’atelier” is a social thriller set in a small town near Marseille during the summer. A group of seven young adults participate in a writing workshop by a well-known novelist, but as the sessions continue, one participant begins to stand out. Antoine is smart and aggressive, but as his story about a mass murder evolves, it proves quite disturbing.

On February 5, “Félicité” will show in Mueller Theater. Directed by Alain Gomis, “Félicité” is a about a woman who sings in a bar in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When her son has a motorcycle accident, Félicité must go on a frantic search through the streets in order to save him.

“Visages, villages” (Faces, Places) will screen on February 12. This film is presented in documentary form and follows director Agnes Varda and photographer/muralist J.R. on their journey through rural France. The two form a friendship as they travel to discover new faces and preserve them for the future.

The fourth installment of the festival will be on February 19 with “Polina.” Directed by Valérie Müller, “Polina” is about a young woman who turns to modern dance after years of studying classical ballet. Polina moves to France and must discover herself as she discovers this new form of dance.

On February 26, “Les fantômes d’Ismaël” (Ismael’s Ghosts) will screen in Mueller Theater. A romantic thriller, “”Les fantômes d’Ismaël” follows a filmmaker whose former lover reappears unexpectedly after many years. Shocked by seeing this ghost of his past, Ismaël must discover why she has returned and figure out how his life must proceed.

Last, but not least, the final film in the festival, “Le crime de Monsieur Lange” (The Crime of Monsieur Lange), will be shown on March 5. This crime comedy, which tells the story of Amedee Lange and the crime he committed, is the most classic film of the bunch. What was Monsieur Lange’s crime? You’ll have to come on March 5th to find out.

The Tournées Film Festival is a great opportunity to experience more of the arts and culture on campus. These six films are sure to be entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

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