3 New Businesses and Why They Moved Downtown

Originally published on April 9, 2019 in The Downtowner newsletter.

In last week’s newsletter we highlighted three businesses that rooted themselves in our community long ago. This week, we will look at three businesses that are relatively newer to downtown and what attracted them to our community.

The first business, and also the newest, is Dallas Beauty Lounge at 23 Market Square. Owner Dallas Sauers is a Point Park University graduate and a lover of the downtown area. Dallas Beauty Lounge’s HQ location is in Bridgeville, but in September 2018 they opened up for business in downtown as well.

“I had been looking for commercial space in the city for about a year before I found this location. I knew I wanted to be in the city because it keeps growing with our great businesses like restaurants and boutiques. I wanted to fill a void I thought the city was lacking by providing upscale, trendy services” shared Sauers.

The restaurant Forbes Tavern opened on July 1, 2018 at 310 Forbes Avenue. Co-owner David Namestnik and his business partner have owned and operated Lot 17 in Bloomfield for 18 years. Now, with an added business partner, they are taking on a new venture in downtown with Forbes Tavern.

A great neighborhood feel is important to Namestnik and his partners, so the downtown area fit just right for them. “We like the way that the Forbes Avenue corridor is changing with the addition of the playhouse and all the residential buildings. We are trying to implement what we have created in Bloomfield, which is a friendly neighborhood tavern” shared Namestnik.

A resident of downtown for a bit longer than the other two, Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee Bar has been at 524 Penn Avenue since opening in January 2015. The coffee shop is a franchise company with various locations, but this is their first store in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Whether you’re new to coffee or a coffee aficionado, Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee Bar will have something you’ll enjoy. CEO Shawn Levine shared his love for the downtown area and why the company decided to franchise here. “For us it is the energy of downtown with its mix of people living and working here. The atmosphere here is vibrant and we thought that would go well with coffee,” explained Levine.

As the downtown area continues to grow, it is essential to attract new businesses like the ones mentioned above and retain the businesses that have paved the way. If we work together as a community we can create the downtown we all want to live and work in.

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