July Update: cherries, baseball, and summer classes

Current Stats:

  • Reading The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Having a Sabrina the Teenage Witch revival on Amazon Prime
  • Craving Pizza, which I have yet to eat all month
  • Favorite fruit is currently Cherries
  • Also, 6 mysterious bug bites (which I have no idea how I got because I’m hardly ever outside.)

July 2018 flew by.

I’m not a huge fan of the summer months, so a lot of my time was spent inside trying to escape the heat.

However, the big thing that took up the majority of the month was my 2 summer classes. I decided to take the summer cluster course at my college just to get that requirement out of the way. The classes were U.S. History from 1877 to the present and Introduction to Theatre. The commute was about an hour both ways, and I did this every Monday-Thursday throughout the month of July. It was pretty exhausting to say the least. I wrote 4 papers, had 4 exams, and a group project. The pain was worth the struggle, because I got A’s in both classes.

On July 14 I went to a summer sisterhood event for my sorority. A few of us met up at Moraine State Park and hung out by the beach. It was nice to reconnect with some of my friends that I haven’t seen since the end of last semester. I only stayed for about 2 hours, but I got sun burnt. After the sisterhood event I went and had dinner at my favorite Chinese Buffet in Butler and did some grocery shopping.

The weekend of July 20-22 was very eventful. I made a trip up to my hometown of Kane. Friday night I had dinner at my Dad’s house and watched my two nephews during the evening. Saturday morning I was able to watch my oldest nephew play baseball for his all-star team at a tournament. My sister also came up on Saturday, because we had to tackle cleaning out my Mom’s house. It was a very long day of cleaning out rooms and making trips to donate the things we didn’t need. By the end of the day my feet hurt so bad, but we had Texas Hot’s hot dogs, so everything was okay. Sunday morning I had breakfast at my Dad’s house, which included his amazing homemade pancakes. My sister and I finished cleaning out the house and treated ourselves to a late lunch. That ended the weekend.

July also brought with it 3 new books. Although my to-be-read pile is still astronomically high, but I’m working on it.

I did twoTarot spreads this month, which I will leave pictures of below.



Something exciting I did was treat myself to Aggie Lal’s mobile presets for pictures. I’ve been using them on all my old photos and I love how it looks! I tried to post on Instagram everyday, but I only accomplished 3 days before I gave up. Maybe next month.

I also bought a bunch of new clothes for myself. I hardly ever buy new clothes, so this was much needed. I also finally signed up for one of those monthly clothing boxes. I’ve wanted to try them for so long, but just never got around to it. I really liked the first month’s clothes and ended up getting a new pair of jeans and a new dress!

Exciting things coming up in August:

  • I’ll be visiting my sister for a few weeks
  • I’ll probably make a trip up to Kane one last time before the end of the summer
  • Moving back to WC for the next year

See ya next month!



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