I’m Pre-Med, by the way…

Someone told me last week that the Kinzua Bridge State Park visitor center was complete. So, I checked it out.

Kinzua VC 1

It is far more beautiful than I could have ever guessed. The way the ‘museum’ is set up reminds me a lot of the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C.

Kinzua VC 2

Today when I downloaded my pictures on to the computer, it said I only took 66 pictures. Wow. The last day trip I went on, I ended up taking 203 pictures. It’s not that the Kinzua Bridge wasn’t as photogenic, I just think I am beginning to understand composition a bit more. So, instead of taking a bunch of pictures and hoping for a good one, I take a select few knowing that they will turn out.

Kinzua Bridge 2

Life is kind of like that too. When you’re first starting out, you make lots of decisions, usually quickly and spontaneously, but as you age your decisions start to be more thoughtful. Instead of hoping for the best, you know exactly what to expect.

Kinzua Bridge 6

Also, a little side note, I had three people ask me today what I’m majoring in & what I plan to do with my life. When did it become okay to ask that to someone so nonchalantly. That’s a rather private part of my life and I don’t really want to explain my choices to random strangers. I told them all different things anyways. I think I should start telling people I’m Pre-Med, just to see their reactions.

Kinzua Bridge 4

Kinzua Bridge 3

I just love the picture of clouds above. Doesn’t it look so dreamy? That’d be a great wallpaper for your ceiling…


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