Hello internet world! As I am typing to you, I swear that my fingers are freezing off. It’s a high of 16, but feels like 7 and here in good old Pennsylvania we are expecting about 3 more inches of snow.

My snowy street!

Now I know that sounds like a relatively relaxed winter, BUT I swear to you it was like a blizzard here just a few days ago!

Temperatures reached -20F, we received a foot of snow, and to be honest I’m damn cold.

My favorite things to do when it’s cold out is:

a.) Drink hot cocoa.



b.) Snuggle up with a blanket and want YouTube videos.

Glamorous, I know.

Regardless, I stay warm and happy!

So I’ve been sort of M.I.A for a few days and it’s because I was like dead. I had the worst case of the flu, ever! And since it’s so damn cold around here, I haven’t really been out lately to get some nice shots of the snow. I know, you’re all so disappointed.

Honestly, does anyone even read my blogs? If you do tweet me a random picture of turtle.  (@nymphabroadblog) You would seriously make my day. Like I would probably shed a tear of joy. (OKAY, that was a little extreme, but I’d be really happy!)

Now, I did something spectacular today. Yes, I went outside. I even took pictures! I had to move my car, so I decided to drive past my local park and take some pictures. Alright I’ll admit it, I just rolled down the window and stuck my iPhone out the window. Scratch that, I got out once, and trekked up a snowy hill for you guys! You should be proud of me! (I am so lazy, late new year’s resolution?)

Anyways, here are the fabulous pictures I took for you guys. BE GRATEFUL!!

Winter Park 1
I told you guys I got out of the car!!

I told you guys I got out of the car!

OMG, I take the most embarrassing photos of myself.

I guess to end this post I’ll leave you with an announcement. I might be getting a laptop! Yeah, it’s sweeeeet! I’m still a little apprehensive about which brand to get, so if you have any suggestions let me know! It has to be light-weight, and pretty durable because it is going to be my travel laptop. Alright BYE!!

Comment some laptop ideas! And don’t forget to tweet me! 

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